We enhance your business listing and business profile on up to eight top sites.

(Your Photos, Hours, Brands, Services, Years in Business, Etc.)

Google Local Logo

Enables users to search the world's information, including webpages, images, and videos. Accepts your logo, pictures, hours of operation and natural language business description. (RANKED #1)

Yelp Logo

Hugely influential business search and review site. Members share their favorite recommendations. Apple's iPhone & iPad use Yelp business listings for local search results. (RANKED #31)

Bing Logo

Search engine developed by Microsoft. Microsoft desktop and laptop computers, Windows Phones and the increasingly popular Surface Tablet all use Bing as their default search site. (RANKED #10)

Apple Maps Logo

Apple Maps is the default mapping program for iPhones and iPads. Claiming literally puts your business on the map, with a clickable pin that expands to show key information.

Foursquare Logo

Use Foursquare City Guide to get reviews, recommendations and directions to the best hotels, restaurants, events, nightclubs, shops, services and more.

Manta Logo

Commerce and business to consumer focused local search site focused on independent businesses and geocentric results tailored to particular consumers and communities.

TripAdvisor Logo

TripAdvisor, Inc. is an American travel and restaurant website company that shows hotel and restaurant reviews, accommodation bookings and other travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums.

YellowPages Logo offers searching United States and International business listings and includes business and consumer centers. (RANKED #159)

Professionally Claiming and Enhancing Your Online Listings

What Your Customers Search For:

Each of the major destination search sites permits businesses to submit enhanced business listing and business profile information. They then return that deep information in response to consumer searches. When we professionally claim your listings for you, the enhanced profile information we submit includes:

  • Your Accurate Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Website
  • A professionally written Natural Language Business Description
  • Your business Logo
  • Your business Photos
  • The Brands You Carry and Services You Provide
  • Your Areas of Expertise and Specialization
  • Daily Hours of Operation
  • Years in Business
  • We will also clean up, supplement, and re-submit any of the above items

Professionally claiming and fully enhancing your listings at the major search sites reslults in dramatic and long lasting improvements in your business's visibility and credibility.

How It Works:

  1. First, we professionally compile your accurate listing data, business details, and enhanced profile information, so your data will appear the way you want it to appear online.
  2. Then, we correctly submit this information, plus your logo, and photos to each of the sites you have selected, carefully following the unique guidelines and requirements of each site.
  3. Finally, we coordinate the data verification and content authorization process that each site requires, with you and for you.
  4. After your profiles and enhanced listings go live, we'll update your data as needed at no additional cost and keep it up for a full year to reflect your changing marketing needs.
OPTIMA Online Presence and Image Assistance -  Before and After



  • Your Testimonial Page is built in a templated responsive design, so that it will automatically change to fit any screen – desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. Nearly half of all searches are made today by consumers on the go.

  • Concise, fact-based layout featuring your contact number, your address, hours, and map to your location. We also secure a unique URL to host your site.
  • You can include your logo and up to either 7 or 15 other images or photos.

  • Helps you build on your good reputation. Your customers can post a recommendation, a thanks, or a positive review simply by clicking on your Testimonial Page from any device – their cell phone, tablet, or desktop.

  • We will include a business description, year founded, brands, services, certifications, specialties, and convenience factors.

On-the-go customers represent nearly 50% of all internet searchers. We help you capture those customers.

OPTIMA Online Presence on Various Devices (Computer, Tablet, Phone)

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